Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gina Dawn Brooks

Gina Dawn Brooks, of Fredricktown, Missouri, then 13 years old,  left her home around 10:30 pm, in the early morning of August 6th, 1989.  Her bicycle would later be found,   on her red bicycle to meet some friends.  Around 2 am her mother called the local Fredricktown Police Station to report her having not returned home.

A missing persons report, was filed after a witness found her red bicycle on a lawn at the 300 block of High Street.  Later, witnesses would report that a light grey, blue or green station wagon was seen in the area at the same time that screams were heard.

Later at a gas station, another witness saw Bryant Squires and Nathan Williams with a frightened girl in a station wagon.  Later, Bryant Squires would make a death bed confession that he and Williams had indeed kid napped Gina.  And that Williams had murdered the girl.  A third man, Timothy Bellews would later become implicated, as helping Williams and Squires dispose of Gina's body on his fathers 90 acre farm south of Fredricktown.

Williams would later be arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Gina, but, the case was dismissed for the lack of evidence.

No one has severed a single day over this girls disappearance, nor has she ever been found.

August, 2013 marks the 24 th anniversary of her disappearance. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Parental Responsibility

 Parental Responsibility

Common sense seems to fly out the window, when men or women move on from a relationship.  Leaving behind a spouse or former partner, with a child or children to raise.  Granted some, pay support, visit regularly and own up to their responsibilities as a parent. too many do not.
There are various reasons to bring a new partner into a relationship.  The fear of being alone, financial obligations, help with child care, or sexual endeavors.
What ever the cause, too many women put their children in harms way, and into situations that cause great harm, even death for a child.  Child abuse is 60% higher in second marriages or with live in partners.  Mommies boyfriend is more of a danger to a child than any registered sexual offender.  And that is frightening.  Woman are putting children at risk, only to lighten their own responsibilities.
Too many women, are allowed to skirt their responsibility as to the harm of their children, by claiming victimization.  The community gawks, hugging her, embracing her after a child is harmed or killed.  When she is the very person who brought the enemy into the home.
More men need to have a say in who is around the children they are partially responsible for in raising, providing for and protecting.  And women need to be held responsible when their partners harm their children.  No more excuses should be accepted.

Rubie Boland

In April 2010 a mother, Helen Teal left her 22 month old daughter, Rubie Boland in the care of her then boyfriend, Andrew Roberts who is from Kiln, Mississippi. While Helen was gone something apparently went very wrong and Andrew found himself taking the child to her grandmother's home telling the grandmother that she fell off the sofa and hit her head.They called 911 and reported to the operator that the little girl was unresponsive.
Now once the baby was sent to Oschner's Hospital in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana they found after examining the baby that she had injuries to her brain and retina as well as bruising on the top of her little head and her feet indicating cruel and unusual trauma. Rubie was pronounced brain dead and she was removed from life support the next afternoon.
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said, "'It is not simply Shaken Baby Syndrome that killed this child, but a violent attack.'"
andrew-roberts.jpgProsecutors say that Andrew Roberts has changed his story about what happened to young Rubie three different times during interviews with him. First he claimed that the baby fell off the sofa onto the floor while he was in the bathroom.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still No News Of the Where Abouts Of Erica Lynn Parsons

www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/08/26/4265165/...missing.html Sandy and Casey Parsons have been questioned by the FBI.

No new news in the Erica Parsons case, of the Rowan County, North Carolina adopted daughter of Sandy and Casey Parsons, but the family sure has been busy.

This week the hearings over custody of the younger Parsons children are still be addressed as to their custody.  As of now the two remain in the care of Casey Parsons mother.www.hlntv.com/.../child-missing-2-years-parents-never-report 

www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/parents-missing-rowan-co...   Cached
The children were taken from the Parsons' home after 15-year-old Erica Parsons was reported missing last ... celebrated her ninth birthday apart from her parents.
 The Parson family home is for sale, shortly after they moved out
aboyoucouldbewrong.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/missing-teen...   CachedAccording to WBTV, Sandy and Casey Parsons, the adoptive parents of missing teen Erica Parsons, will be in a “legal quagmire” if they try to sell their .ut her missing daughter 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

While there is no new news on the case of Critical Missing Child, Erica Parsons, the family has been in the spot light over the last few weeks.

Carolyn Parsons has returned to Louisiana with out any answers as to where her missing biological daughter is or what has happened to her.

Many are asking why the Parsons have not been arrested under the Casey Law.  The law makes it illegal not to report a missing child.  The excuse is that the Parsons do not consider Erica missing.  This dumbfounds me.  Of course they don't consider her missing, only law enforcement, the community, news papers world wide, national television shows and those following on the Internet do!  Why do the Parsons get to choose whether or not the child is missing, when they are the only real persons of interest?
Missing teen Erica Parsons still hasn't been located, but there are new developments in her case that just make it more infuriating that her adoptive parents haven't been arrested. It's also frustrating to note that neither Casey or her husband have been deemed official suspects in the teens disappearance or possible murder -- even though they have shown repeatedly to be dishonest and evasive.
The latest developments involve chat transcripts between Casey Parsons and her biological mother Carolyn Parsons. And they point out bold inconsistencies in the stories told by the woman -- not that any of this is surprising at all. Casey reportedly led Carolyn on, giving her updates about the missing teen the entire time acting as though she was with another daughter in Asheville. She told her she was preparing for driver's ed -- an obvious embellishment on her already existent lies.
Curiously, Carolyn exchanged messages with who she was led to believe was Erica -- but it's almost certain that it was Casey or Sandy Parsons on the other end of the conversation. Erica reportedly told Carolyn to leave her alone. This seems to be Casey's attempt at stopping the questions and plees to meet the girl who was already missing.
Why haven't Sandy and Casey Parsons been arrested and charged with a crime over this whole ordeal? Are officials waiting until they find a body before something is done? It's already been established that the duo are lying -- and Erica's own brother has accused them of killing her. What happened to this little girl?
North Carolina’s version of Caylee’s Law requires that parents or caregivers report a child missing within 24 hours and anyone who is suspicious of a child being missing is also required to report it to law enforcement.  Failure to do so is a felony for parents or caregivers and a misdemeanor for a third party.  Deliberately reporting a child missing who is not would also result in a felony charge.  This version also creates new penalties for failure to report child abuse and criminalizes not telling authorities about a child’s death (concealing the death of a child).  This applies to children 13 or younger only.  Punishment is no more than 5 years in exceptional cases.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Erica Parsons, Missing Child, Is Casey Parsons Playing Word Games?


Erica Parsons was last seen by the adoptive parents, who are the center of the investigation into her disappearance.  Both Sandy and Casey Parsons have said that Erica Parsons was dropped off to meet up with her grandmother, Irene 'Nan' Goodman, at the Mc Donalds in Mooresville, NC.

In an interview with the next door neighbor, Patty Miller, carried by the Salisbury Post, Mrs. Miller says that she never saw the child.  Mrs. Miller said the Parson family moved into the home, around April, 2011.  So, how is there a nine month period that the child lived there, but was never seen by the neighbor?  Not seen playing in the yard?  Getting into the family vehicle?  If the neighbor, who is at their own home, 365 days a year, did not see the child next door EVER, was the child actually ever there?

Perhaps some looking around and speaking to the neighbors of the two other former residences, one on Grove Street the other on Trexler Loop needs to be done.  The drive isn't far, just google map it, anyone traveling to those destinations, will take Mooresville Road, and pass right by Goodman Drive on the way.  I wonder too, if that is a connection?

On Miller Chapel Road, there is a family named, Goodman.  This kind of stinks like the whole Casey Anthony Horror Story.  But remember, Casey Anthony claimed that Zanida Gonzalos picked Caylee up between 10:00 and 1:00.  The woods were Caylees body was found, was directly behind the last two homes on the block of Hope Springs Drive, behind the homes of Gonzalos and Zanida.

Erica Lynn Parsons

When Was Erica Seen Last?

Neighbor Patty Miller Gave An Interview To Channel 3 News
This Is the Transcript Provided Threw You Tube
Though It Is Not Perfect;  Notice the Sentences High Lighted

my name is patty Miller PA TCI
and I L yard I'm the next door neighbor to you that person's
bit late next then the entire time they've gotten their and this morning
has banned
kinda like a movie you expect to see things like this on TV but not in your
neighborhood or not next to you
last week has been kinda stereo with the police showing up and
all the things we've been doing but to have the FBI there with all their
friends ex
van van people coming and now I have been quite a
nightmare we certainly want Erica
found won't do anything we can we have spoken with the sheriff's department
this morning
and we just feel like we want anything that can be done to be done to find
to find her hopefully safely I just speaks for itself
oh my gosh what I'd do if I had a child like that to go missing
just breaks my heart the sheriff's department actual share
was out there so it was a big all and then
up from there they just start collecting evidence that good
the house the like adjoining
there's an actual car garage has been covered its
apartment and David there they actually tore off parts of the newly placed
deck in the back of their house you bring
mostly with papers a couple computers came out
they had some
I yes what petri dishes things like that I'm guessing that they had done some
swabs and pick up reading and things like that but it nothing
of a substance anything large has come out of the house this point mostly just
paperwork and computers we had never actually may recall that we had see
all of the other children we have really never seen Erika
they moved in about April 2011 and
we never saw her I'm tremendously shocked that it wasn't
reported that they had been my daughter I wouldn't let a day go by after I
phone was disconnected that person this is
mostly statement but I guess that's
my perspective on
teacher don't that cares for children that
are you still hopeful that she's gonna be found somewhere else to live
well your God I hope so I really hope that they find her alive and safe
on it scares me tremendously that they're not want to know
this seems to be getting so out of control
so big that I'm
I'm a little concerned at this point for safety

So, when the Parson family moved to the home on Miller Chapel Road, was Erica Parsons actually with them?  I am looking for an interview that someone, other than the family saw her.  Supposedly a case worker saw Erica in the home.  But when?
Mrs. Miller says the Parsons moved into the home, April of 2011.  But she never saw Erica.  The adoptive mother and father claim they saw her last, December 19, 2011.

Time Line  http://www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/missing-erica-parsons-timeline/nZNG3/
Feb. 24, 1998 Erica Parsons born to Carolyn Parsons.
1998 Casey Stone Parsons and Sandy Parsons, Erica’s uncle and aunt, adopt Erica.
March 2002 Department of Social Services investigates accusations of abuse to Erica. DSS found no signs of abuse.
Nov. 19, 2011 Erica Parsons last seen by adoptive brother.
Feb. 2012 Attorney for adoptive parents say couple had last conversation with Erica. 
June 2012 Missing persons report filed for Erica’s adoptive sister, Brook Parsons. She came home while investigators were there.

July 30, 2013 Erica Parsons reported missing by adoptive brother.

So, who saw Erica Lynn Parsons AFTER March 2002, that was not a member of the Parsons family?
In the interview with the biological mother, Carolyn Parsons, she saw her daughter for the first time since the adoption in January 2011.   So, that does give us some one other than people in the same house, that saw the girl.  But, in January, 2011 the family did not live on Miller Chapel Road.  They moved there in April.